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JeanneauSun Odyssey 40

Découvertes hors des sentiers touristiques...Quelle belle façon de découvrir les Iles grecques! Tout simplement magique comme expérience! Voile, soleil, apnée,nouveaux amis, déjeuner, diner ou souper sur le bateau sous le soleil ou les étoiles...nous y retournerons c'est certain et cette fois ce sera pour une ou deux semaines!!!!

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40
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We did two weeks East Peloponnese flotilla and it could not be better. Our lead crew Jackie and Georgia were very professional and knowledgeable, and took care of everything and everyone. They made sure that everyone was happy and had perfect flotilla holidays. We always had smooth route planning, best moorings and group dinners.

Jeanneau 57
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Yacht Charter in Australia and Oceania

Australia's Whitsunday Islands, discovered in 1770, was previously known for active volcanoes millions of years ago. It was named by the renowned James Cook. The islands were home to the Ngaro aboriginal community, also known as the ‘Canoe People’.
A luxury yacht charter vacation in the Whitsundays gives room for lots of easy and relaxed adventure with fun. The great navigation, calm seas and abundance of secluded anchorages make sailing in these waters quite seamless. Located north of Brisbane, Whitsunday boasts of 74 islands, mostly inclusive of uninhabited national parks as well as lots of anchoring options across the entire region. Visitors are usually presented with the unique opportunity to choose a route that is both convenient and flexible to them. The entire cruising area is approximately 25 x 35 nautical miles, and ranges from the north to Hayman Island, down to Shaw Island in the south.
The Islands lie at 20 degrees, 15 minutes south latitude, and 148 degrees, 58 minutes East Longitude, off of the coast of Central Queensland. Although located in the tropics, the Whitsundays is known for its excellent climatic conditions for the most part of the year; thanks to the cool trade winds. Occasionally, there are tropical showers between January and March. Wind speeds generally ranging between 11 and 28 Mph, and temperatures between 73 and 86 F. The waters are protected by the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef; most of the islands are surrounded by a fringing reef system.
The Whitsundays graciously have several bays and coves which are well protected from the prevailing winds and tides. This protection encourages the growth of soft corals such as the Coral Fans that attract diverse species of bright colored fish. These corals grow along the edges of the fringing reefs that surrounds the Islands. The vast diversity of marine life combined with the unique coral reefs found within the sheltered waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park guarantees you a fun-filled and exciting experience during your yacht charter vacation to these islands.
Also known as the scuba diving Mecca, the Islands are renowned with iconic sites such as the Blue Pearl Bay and the Black island. Little wonder the local dive operators are on standby, catering for every skill level; ranging from novice to dive master. Providing snorkel gear as part of your charter, some yacht charter services offer amazing snorkeling lessons to even novice during their vacation to Whitsundays. So you get the opportunity to enjoy some spectacular coral viewing in shallow waters right off the beach.
The islands indeed present you the opportunity to experience fascinating underwater views of several thousands of bright-colored species of fish, dazzling corals and different marine life, including dolphins, turtles, dugong and whales (in season). At some beaches it is possible to walk straight off the beach to snorkel over stunning fringing reefs.
Nara Inlet Hook Island
Hook Island is Whitsundays’ second-largest island, and is predominantly a national park. Nara inlet is situated at the southern end of Hook Island. Nara is a deep vast expanse, surrounded on either side by wonderful lush green slopes that extends into the clear turquoise waters and reef. Nara is our recommended first night stop. The stunning beauty of Nara will take your breath away! This gorgeous Island is easily accessible, and its waters are sheltered. Be ready for a great time on this island as you gradually get used to the boat on your first night. This enormous uninhabited bay also offers a sheltered anchorage amongst the warm emerald waters and picturesque sandy beach. There are several anchorages and moorings to choose from. Stonehaven is popular. The snorkeling here is terrific so be sure to have your underwater camera handy. And if you are adventure minded, there are waterfalls to explore.

Langford Island
Langford is a relatively small but long, sandy stripe that nearly disappears at high tide. This stunning island is a fascinating daytime stop for its beach and snorkeling on the western end. It is also an excellent spot for picnic, sunbathing, and swimming. There are extensive reefs however that require good light for excellent navigation through them, with a lookout on the bow.

Hamilton Island
This captivating Island is a good mid-charter stopover to fill water tanks, drop garbage and shop. It’s got all the basic essentials one would wish for during a yacht charter vacation; ranging from lots of bars, restaurants and bakery, to its local art store, bottle shop, general store, chemist fashion and supermarket; all to cater your needs for food or otherwise. You can also rent a golf cart and explore the island, or take advantage of an opportunity to stretch your legs on pleasurable walks and enjoy the wonderful sunset.
Although the stunning Islands are susceptible to cyclones and tropical rain during summer, from November to March, the Whitsunday yacht charter season runs all year long. Summer is the Islands’ warmest and most humid months. The climate is generally warm all year, with the temperature rarely falling below the twenties in winter. If your yacht charter vacation falls between October and April, then you should be aware of the dangers of stingers, and take necessary precautions when swimming in the ocean.
Whitsundays run all the main types of yacht charter including motor, catamaran, sailing, bareboat charter, sailboat, power boat, skippered, crewed yachts, luxury yachts and even the occasional super yacht charter. A yacht charter vacation to Whitsundays is always a pleasurable and memorable one. The ultramodern facilities, stunning views, entertainment, relation and sailing are amazing!