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Lagoon Cat380 S2

We were very happy with the quality of the yacht and with the service of mr Spiros and his team. Many thanks

Lagoon Cat 380 S2
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JeanneauSun Odyssey 40

Découvertes hors des sentiers touristiques...Quelle belle façon de découvrir les Iles grecques! Tout simplement magique comme expérience! Voile, soleil, apnée,nouveaux amis, déjeuner, diner ou souper sur le bateau sous le soleil ou les étoiles...nous y retournerons c'est certain et cette fois ce sera pour une ou deux semaines!!!!

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40
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Yacht charter in Italy

Italy is known around the world for being the proving grounds of two of the most consumed foods in the world. The pizza and the pasta, having said this, the foody nature of the country can already be chalked out in one’s mind. The country is also blessed with a city like Venice. Venice has the distinction of being one of those citites which has water filled road or you can say channels in which there are boats instead of taxis to commute around. Venice, because of its water filled channels, has a very peculiar outlook and the architecture there has shaped according to the necessity. It is unique to the region and cannot be seen anywhere else. Italy itself is known for its historically important buildings. One of the wonders of the world is also present here which is known by the name of ‘leaning tower of Pisa.’ Over the period of couple hundred years, Italy underwent a lot of rules and hence its culture and architecture is a mixture which influenced the region from time to time. So, it is a perfect blend of a lot of those diverse norms. Shopping is the second important thing to do in Italy after savoring your taste buds with the Italian cuisine. Some of the best brands in the world belong to Italy. It is the fashion statement in most of Europe.
Italy, being in touch with international waters at some points, gives an excellent opportunity to charter a yacht and tour the coast of country from a whole new perspective. Because of the increase in the trend of yachting, a lot of marinas are established throughout the country and they are well equipped to service and anchor yachts of all makes and models. So here goes your worry of getting a place to anchor the yacht. The waters which touch the coastal areas of Italy are comparatively calmer than the rest of the countries and the ocean generally has a dark blue hue. This particular shade of blue not only adds to the calm effect of the sea but also gives it a perspective of vastness.
Yacht charter is a perfect opportunity to get a sailing yacht out in this water and cruise around exploring the diversity and the vastness that is being offered by the sea. If you have the sailing experience and want to add some thrill to the adventure than take your group of friends with you and go to the ocean for game fishing and even scuba diving. Even if this is not the case, the company of a loved one or a family aboard a catamaran which is harbored somewhere peacefully can prove to be an excellent rejoice from the routine and can prove to be a time to make some memories that can be remembered in the later life. So, pack your stuff, and head towards Italy as the calmness of the sea and the diversity of Italy is totally worth spending time in.