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Lagoon Cat400

Everything was done to our satisfactin. Would very much recommend this !!!! Captan and the crew were perfect. Great trip

Lagoon Cat 400
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JeanneauSun Odyssey 40

Découvertes hors des sentiers touristiques...Quelle belle façon de découvrir les Iles grecques! Tout simplement magique comme expérience! Voile, soleil, apnée,nouveaux amis, déjeuner, diner ou souper sur le bateau sous le soleil ou les étoiles...nous y retournerons c'est certain et cette fois ce sera pour une ou deux semaines!!!!

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40
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Yacht charter in Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the most new European nations to claim independence. Situated on the edge of Europe It is blessed with dozens of natural marvels which are getting increasing tourist attention every passing day. Montenegro is also bestowed with some serene and beautiful bays, rivers and lakes which add up to the natural beauty which is already present. Yacht charter in Montenegro is one excellent way of getting to tour around Montenegro and also a way of getting a chance to harbor in all the famous bays and ports.

Along the coast there is country sides which have their own features to make them different and unique from others. Sailing yacht charter in Montenegro is the charter of choice if the aim is to really enjoy the waters of Montenegro with friends or just to put the sailing skills to practice. But otherwise, catamaran yacht charter in Montenegro is the charter that you would want to get in case you need some time away from the busy routine of the cities and you want to spend some quality time at the disposal of the humble currents of the ocean. If one is accompanied by a loved one then a yacht charter in Montenegro is going to be something that they will cherish for years to come.

The first and at the top of the list destination of Montenegro is Porto Montenegro. It is one of the most advanced marinas of the world. With state of the art equipment and cutting edge technology it can accommodate a fairly large number of vessels and that too of various sizes. Porto Montenegro was built by using an abandoned naval dock and hence it can now accommodate a small sailing yacht to a massive cruiser. Porto Montenegro is filled up with the architectural marvels of the roman and byzantine rule. The coast of the adjacent areas of Montenegro is studded with restaurants which specialize in their fish delicacies. It is always a pleasure to pull off the chartered yacht next to the restaurant of your choice and then to let your taste buds savor the fish specialty of that particular place.
Boka bay is the second must visit destination if you are availing a yacht charter. It is a bay which connects to a small city called Perast. Perast as compared to the rest of the cities of Montenegro is quite small is size but its streets are studded with the architectural jewels. It is one of its kind experiences to roam around in the streets of Perast and to take in all the details that this little city has to offer. Also there are many adjacent sightseeing opportunities in the vicinity of Perast. Next to Boka bay is the Kotor bay which is the first and the largest natural fjord of Europe. Kotor bay is also the largest natural sea port and has been used by the natives for trade and other purposes for centuries now.
To cut the long story short, Montenegro has a lot of things to offer but the question is are you ready?