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Lagoon Cat400

Everything was done to our satisfactin. Would very much recommend this !!!! Captan and the crew were perfect. Great trip

Lagoon Cat 400
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HanseHanse 54

We have just returned from our first two week sailing holiday and we are so pleased that we chose Yacht charter book. We were first attracted to this company because of the reasonable prices they were offering and also for the positive reviews that the company had already received. We couldn't have made a better choice.
We were very pleased with our spacious and immaculate boat. Migel was a brilliant skipper, he arranged a great itinerary for us with clear instructions for mooring and always there to help and offer encouragement - nothing was too much trouble for him and he went out of his way to ensure that we had a great time sailing.
The choices of moorings was always done to get the best out of our holiday and we enjoyed a good selection, mooring outside tavernas, anchoring near beaches etc. The lunchtime stops were always idyllic.
I can highly recommend Yacht Charter, my family and I had a wonderful two weeks sailing and I hope that we will be able to return again sometime soon.

Hanse Hanse 54
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Yacht charter in Spain

Spain, unlike other tourist destinations, has been at the top of the list of must visit tourist destinations of the world. Ironically, it has been there for centuries now and there is no comparison to it when it comes to cultural diversity coupled with an exquisite culinary taste not forgetting the architecture that makes the streets of Spain actually worth visiting. It is quite famous for an extensive bunch of malls and retail outlets which are exclusive to this region. This means a very handsome shopping opportunity for the tourists who like to shop where ever they go. Moreover, there is variety of cuisine to be offered and hence the taste buds of our food fans will not rest once they are in Spain. Spain has to offer some offshore activities and fun as well. It has an extensive coast line which extends to a couple of beaches.
The salient features of these beaches include but not limited to a view of streets of Spain on one side and the whole vast ocean on the other. Depending on the beach the ocean can either be Atlantic or pacific. There are also a couple of remote islands as well which actually offer a great deal of attraction for the visitors with their exquisitely unique beaches and a secluded environment away from the beach.

Having said this, it is always advisable to not spend all the time in the city and an opportunity to go out in the sea and experience Spain like never before. The calm waters of the ocean right next to magnificent beaches offer a truly enchanting experience. And what can be better than taking a trip to the ocean in a yacht. Yachts come in varying sizes and types. They range from mid to large sizes and have capacity to varied number of guest on board.
If you are a sailing enthusiast and want a wind driven journey on the pacifying waves of the ocean along the Spanish coast then a sailing yacht is highly recommended. Sailing yachts are the most classic yachts there are and yet to cruise in them has an own charisma. Ocean experienced in a sailing yacht can never be experienced in a motor driven yacht. In the case of a cruise where there is a chance of dropping an anchor in a nearby cove or even next to a beach. Beach parties are at their peak around dusk at all the beaches. Having a catamaran to cruise around the beaches will give you an opportunity to literally harbor it in the shallowest of waters and then be a part of the very party. All these yachts come with options of a skipper so that you don’t have to worry about a thing on those tours. Even the skipper cannot be availed in the case the guest is comfortable with having the yacht to themselves. What are you waiting for then, pack your bags and start making the list of the things to do while you are on one of the yachts cruising the vast blue ocean right past the best beached in the world.