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BeneteauOceanis 45

Fast booking procedure through YachtCharter.com. Less information and slower response before the charter when asked for details. The boat: quite worn out (2012), not very well taken care of (rusting parts, teak deck dirty when wet, the boats seems to be cleaned negligently). The charter service is below average, only one person in the whole company speaking English (=difficult to reach because of being on the phone all the time). Technical service during the charter is outsourced with external company - no one really speaking English too). The area is beautiful but becoming really busy.

Beneteau Oceanis 45
5 5 2
Sunreef Yachts62 (Z)

Nice experience, good crew, excellent food and cooking, very friendly and willing. High knowledge of the Ibiza area and mooring spots.

Sunreef Yachts 62 (Z)
4 5 1

Yacht Charter in Sweden

Sweden is the automatically the top of the list country to visit when it comes to travel destinations in Europe. It has not been just bestowed with this title, rather it has maintained very rich landscapes as well as natural habitats intact which leads to tourists turning towards Sweden more and more every year. Landscapes and the picturesque country side is one of the major attractions in Sweden and it is one of the mere reasons that most of the tourists want to wander around all of Sweden on their trip and they keep on asking for the same trip again and again. It will not be to call it a heaven for adventure seekers. The adventure filled landscapes and adrenaline filled expeditions will keep the trip of Sweden alive in the minds of people for years to come.
Sweden is blessed with major water bodies which are housing many famous archipelagos of the world. For this purpose, it is preferred and suggested to spice up the tour a little bit by addition of yacht charter and experience the Swedish scene like never before. More than that, cruising around during yacht charter in Sweden has got its own iconic presence. North of Stockholm is the Stockholm archipelagos which are famous for their heritage as well as the preserved natural fauna. Most of these islands are uninhabited and even the ones which are inhabited posses the timber structures in majority. It is a sight worth seeing to have a look at the magnificent city of Stockholm from a distance in order to get a view which is not possible in any other way.
Moving on from the archipelago, Sigtuna is the first stop. It is perhaps the oldest towns of Sweden and hence it is the most culturally and heritage wise diverse town in the region. According to some myths, this town was the first one to be settles amongst the rest of Sweden. There are various places to anchor down your yacht on order to set foot on the soil of Sigtuna and experience the medieval architecture that has been put into the place as old as the age of Vikings. The streets are studded with the buildings of the old age and the worth seeing out of those are the churches of the old time which were built by the local craftsmen with keen attention to detail. That craftsmen ship can still be seen in those structures and one can stop them from being awestruck.
Apart from the Sweden charter destinations there are other attractions worth exploring as well. If sailing yacht is looked upon as a challenge and Swedish waters as the proving grounds then it is always an opportunity to gather some friends and head out into the open sea where the ocean waves will be torn apart by the sailing skills of the watch-keeper of the yacht. This summer, without hesitation, make a list of destinations to visit and the marinas to anchor in because yacht charter in Sweden is going to offer you some really cherish able memories this year.