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BeneteauOceanis 45

Fast booking procedure through Less information and slower response before the charter when asked for details. The boat: quite worn out (2012), not very well taken care of (rusting parts, teak deck dirty when wet, the boats seems to be cleaned negligently). The charter service is below average, only one person in the whole company speaking English (=difficult to reach because of being on the phone all the time). Technical service during the charter is outsourced with external company - no one really speaking English too). The area is beautiful but becoming really busy.

Beneteau Oceanis 45
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Lagoon Cat380 S2

We were very happy with the quality of the yacht and with the service of mr Spiros and his team. Many thanks

Lagoon Cat 380 S2
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Yacht Charter in Thailand

Thailand is the uncontested leader of tourism in asia. It is the Asian tourism capital and this has been proven by the facts. Millions of tourists head towards Thailand especially in summer because of the unique features that are just native to Thailand. Thailand being a land where rice is cultivated actively as a chief crop is irrigated by many rivers and all these rivers end up at the South China Sea which washed up almost all the beached of the main land as well as the islands which are in the periphery of the Thailand. 
Yacht charter in Thailand is considered the best option to move around because there is very little exploration that can be done by land anyway. Thailand has been blessed with many small islands and these islands are teeming with the adventure opportunities that are too good to miss. Now there are two possibilities, either you can put your sailing skills to test and go for a sailing yacht charter in Thailand. This will spice up the adventure with the adrenaline rush that you will get while maneuvering your sailing yacht in the waters around Thailand. Secondly, if you aim for a relaxing and calm tour of the mainland and the islands then a catamaran charter in Thailand is going to be matchless. 
First on the list of destinations to visit after chartering a yacht in Thailand, Ko Phi Phi. It is a group of small islands a few kilometers away from the mainland Phuket. Out of all the islands, Don is the largest and has most of the resorts and tourist attractions, the rest of islands are not that developed but still they are something not worth missing. It is advisable to drop anchor at the marina of Don for the night and then to go out and explore the rest of islands in the day.
Second on the list is Koh Tao. It is an island which is also famous for its other popular name that is Turtle Island. It is said so because of the diverse marine life that has inhabited this place over the period of time. The extremely rich marine diversity combined with super clear water of Turtle Island makes it the region of choice for new divers to learn and even merely experience diving for the first time. People from all over the world head towards Turtle Island to get certified for diving.
Phang Nga Bay is also of prime importance because of many reasons. A famous Hollywood movie was shot here which played a key role in the fame of this bay. Plus the rising limestone structures give this bay a surreal look. This combination of water, beach and the towering limestone structures is something that is very rare and this has attracted many tourists to sail their yacht up to Phang Nga bay and then even spend the night there.
In the last but not least, Thailand is studded with natural marvels that need to be explored. Also being massively washed up by the ocean, yacht chartering is the best idea to spend an ideal vacation with your friends, family or the loved ones in Thailand.