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HanseHanse 54

We have just returned from our first two week sailing holiday and we are so pleased that we chose Yacht charter book. We were first attracted to this company because of the reasonable prices they were offering and also for the positive reviews that the company had already received. We couldn't have made a better choice.
We were very pleased with our spacious and immaculate boat. Migel was a brilliant skipper, he arranged a great itinerary for us with clear instructions for mooring and always there to help and offer encouragement - nothing was too much trouble for him and he went out of his way to ensure that we had a great time sailing.
The choices of moorings was always done to get the best out of our holiday and we enjoyed a good selection, mooring outside tavernas, anchoring near beaches etc. The lunchtime stops were always idyllic.
I can highly recommend Yacht Charter, my family and I had a wonderful two weeks sailing and I hope that we will be able to return again sometime soon.

Hanse Hanse 54
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BeneteauOceanis 45

Fast booking procedure through YachtCharter.com. Less information and slower response before the charter when asked for details. The boat: quite worn out (2012), not very well taken care of (rusting parts, teak deck dirty when wet, the boats seems to be cleaned negligently). The charter service is below average, only one person in the whole company speaking English (=difficult to reach because of being on the phone all the time). Technical service during the charter is outsourced with external company - no one really speaking English too). The area is beautiful but becoming really busy.

Beneteau Oceanis 45
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Yacht Charter in Bahamas

The Bahamas, one of the world's renowned tourist destination is a choice place to spend your yacht charter vacation. Known for its conducive sailing conditions and shallow waters, the Bahamas boasts of well over 2,400 inlets, 661 cays and twenty-nine islands. It was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in October 1492.
This cluster of islands is home to some of the barrier reefs made from corals that were formed over several thousand years ago. The reefs offer natural protection from the lashing waves of the open sea and also serve as home to many small marine species.
To have a complete feel of the unique pleasure and relaxation available in this luxury yacht charter destination, visit the Abacos Island. It is relatively cooler and cozier than the other islands. It is also one of the largest and most popular island in the Bahamas. Enjoy the picturesque water view as you take advantage of the Bahamas-Abaco Sea cruising while navigating the shallow waters aboard your luxury yacht charter.
You may decide to get updated on bird species as you observe the over 190 species of birds, including the green-colored parrot, which are all found in the islands. The fresh vegetation are not left behind in the wonderful display of beauty on the islands as well. Some of these vegetation include the Madeira, Pines, Coppish, the lovely ferns, vines and the astonishing varieties of wild flowers like the Orchids and Oleander.
The islands of Bahamas are known for their favorable sailing conditions. The five major inhabited cays you might want to consider visiting are the Elbow cay, Walkers Cay, Green Turtle, Great Guanna and Man-O-War.
There’s never a dull or boring time in the Bahamas. Being only a distance of about 100km from the State of Florida, USA; the several holiday resorts in Bahamas serve as an attraction to several thousands of people from all around the world who come to charter luxury yachts, and have splendid times in this fantastic location. The climate here is calm and favorable all year round. The limit of your comfort and relaxation in the Bahamas is to the extent that you can accommodate –pleasant events and fascinating places or things would ceaselessly want your sweet attention.
It is common knowledge that the Barbados has a lot to offer as far as natural wonder is concerned. Explore the Harrison's Cave; an exclusive marvel of nature, where massive stalactites hang from the ceilings, stalagmites thrust up from the ground, and streams of pritine water drop from stunning falls into emerald green pools. At Orchid World, the twisty paths are abundant with Dendrobium orchids, Cattlyeas and Phalaenopsis, while Andromeda Gardens features some of the islands fewest tropical ferns, heliconias and cacti. At Whim Gully, it’d be really nice to pay close attention as you observe the amazing wonder of the bearded fig tree from which is believed the Island got its name.
Again, if you are a business person or have got some flare for business, then be ready to get fired up and inspired on your visit to the Bahamas. There is an age-long story that the local refugees that arrived the Islands, after the American Revolution, came in with enormous wealth and ‘trading spirit’ which still holds sway till date. The Islands are full of business entrepreneurs who have contributed immensely in making Bahamas not only lively, but open to both local and international investors. 
If you decide to take a stroll around the Island, you are likely to see the Sunbury Plantation House which is a great Jacobean mansion that was built back in the days when sugar was king and a cottage was the size of a castle. You can as well whet your whistle at the well-known Mount Gay Rum Distillery, where you can enjoy the several varieties of the island's most famous libation.
Treat yourself to the variety of fresh food and menus available with a number of very hospitable yacht carriers while on board or the great restaurants and bars offshore that serve mouthwatering delicacies and drinks. 
It just keeps getting more interesting and exciting by the day!
These Islands are globally recognized for their charming beaches, attractive waters and friendly locals. A yacht charter vacation in the Bahamas has been known to be quite a rewarding and pleasurable experience.