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Bavaria33 Cruiser

Our day with Yachtcharterbook was fantastic! The boat was beautiful and very clean. The crew were very friendly, and worked hard all day to accomodate everything we could possibly want to do. They even provided a delicious lunch.
We went to some great snorkeling locations and the sunset on the boat was spectacular.
The crew could not have been friendlier or more helpful.
I will definitely charter a sailing excursion with Yachtcharterbook again the next time in Greece.

Bavaria 33 Cruiser
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HanseHanse 54

We have just returned from our first two week sailing holiday and we are so pleased that we chose Yacht charter book. We were first attracted to this company because of the reasonable prices they were offering and also for the positive reviews that the company had already received. We couldn't have made a better choice.
We were very pleased with our spacious and immaculate boat. Migel was a brilliant skipper, he arranged a great itinerary for us with clear instructions for mooring and always there to help and offer encouragement - nothing was too much trouble for him and he went out of his way to ensure that we had a great time sailing.
The choices of moorings was always done to get the best out of our holiday and we enjoyed a good selection, mooring outside tavernas, anchoring near beaches etc. The lunchtime stops were always idyllic.
I can highly recommend Yacht Charter, my family and I had a wonderful two weeks sailing and I hope that we will be able to return again sometime soon.

Hanse Hanse 54
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Yacht Charter in British Virgin Islands

Stretching throughout the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands are a phantasmagoria of aquamarine waters, sun-soaked harbors, and white-sand beaches. Experience the awesome sensational feeling of riding the waves on a yacht as you enjoy the white sand beaches and palm studded coast of the stunning British Virgin Islands (BVIs). 
These amazing beauties are very diverse in landscape and vegetation. They also suit all kinds of lifestyles and activities. Be it for fun, relaxation and entertainment, or you simply want a reserved, serene and secluded environment to be all by yourself, the BVIs offer a variety of exciting vacation possibilities. The protected anchorages at Brandywine Bay, Cane Garden Bay, Hodge's Creek Marina Cay, Soper's Hole and Trellis Bay are perfect for boaters. Secluded palm-shaded beaches at Apple Bay, Brewer's Bay, Elizabeth Beach, Josiah's Bay Beach, Long Bay Beach and Smuggler's Cove make for excellent swimming and snorkeling. There are also several well-equipped facilities for fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and horseback riding.
With its gentle breezes and countless stop off points, you certainly don’t want to pass up the smooth sailing experience, fun and relaxation that awaits you on the coasts of Tortola. Treat yourself to the sights of the centuries-old ruins of the Mount Healthy Windmill, the Dungeon, Fort George, Fort Recovery, as well as the Callwood's Rum Distillery, which is still in operation. Explore Tortola's history at the BVI Folk Museum in the capital city, Road Town. Main Street, Road Town has an array of shops and restaurants; offering everything from local spices, jams, rums, and soaps to handcrafted jewelry, silk-screened fabrics, and local arts.
The fascinating slopes of Sage Mountain National Park are not left out in the display of splendor. The stunning views of the traces of a primeval rain forest can be seen at higher elevations. From the mountain ridge that runs through the island, graciously behold the local Caribbean life with its gentle rhythms, farms, settlements and churches. At Mount Healthy National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park, rock outcroppings and vertical ghuts, or dry steam valleys, expose the deep, rich earth of this volcanic island. During your visit to Road Town, do not neglet to stop by at J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens that offers peaceful walks through its lovely pergolas and pathways, covered with attractive vines, as well as its little rain forest and fern house.
Ensure you seize every opportunity to enjoy the highly nutritious cuisine of Tortola which reflects the island's rich cultural mix; a four-star dinner at a converted sugar mill or a delicious West Indian roti at a pastel-painted cottage. Savor their rich local delicacies such as spicy goat, fresh lobster, conch, curries and Johnny Cakes. Satisfy your evening cravings with freshly caught seafood and freshly made drinks. At Tortola, every meal is a memorable one. 
Experience friendliness from the warm and kindhearted people of Tortola. You’ve also got a wide variety of places to stay; ranging from campgrounds to luxury resorts and private villas. Tortola is a perfect place to commence your exploration of these amazing Islands. Regular ferries, private and crewed yachts, and planes travel daily to the other islands of the BVI.
Jost Van Dyke
Your luxury vacation to the BVIs is grossly incomplete without a visit to Jost Van Dyke. It is a luxurious coral-sand island that lies 3 miles northwest of Tortola. This gorgeous and largely untouched BVI Island is home to elegant beaches, remarkable anchorages, and undisturbed wilderness. The Island is a popular destination for visitors; beach lovers, sailors, and sun-seekers from different parts the world. Two of the world famous beach bar and restaurants (Foxy's and the Soggy Dollar Bar) are situated in Jost Van Dyke. 
There are quite a number of fantastic reasons tourists like to start their yacht charter vacation at Jost Van Dyke; one of which is the fact that you can conveniently book a luxury yacht charter even at the very last minute before it sets sail. There are also a wide range of superyacht, luxury yacht, crewed sailing yachts as well as catamarans available for rent. The mood here is also relaxed, with little or no rush to go places. Be sure to visit the White Bay which provides the most charming views of the Great Harbour. Since the beach destination is less crowded even during the peak months, it is a perfect place for those who would like to have some privacy. 
Little Jost and Sandy Cay are a short boat ride away. Not too far away is the Great Tobago where you'll find extraordinary advanced dive sites and a marine sanctuary that shelters a nesting colony of magnificent frigate birds.
If you are a history lover, then you should be excited about your visit to this amazing island where William Thomton, architect of the U.S. Capitol Building, and John Lettsome, founder of the London Medical Society were born. Enjoy the stunning hilltop view of the whales and dolphins at autumn and winter.
You can also visit the east end of the island to enjoy the ambience and relaxation of the foaming sea. Jost Van Dyke is easily accessible by road or ferry, and accommodations are readily available at several small hotels and non-complex beachside cottages. You could even stay at one of White Bay or Tula’s campgrounds. Regardless of where you eventually stay; on land or at anchor, you are sure to return home with sweet memories of this gorgeous and serene island.
A stop at Jost Van Dyke on your next yacht charter vacation to the BVIs is highly recommended.
Virgin Gorda
Measuring 8.5 sq. mile, this gorgeous island is the third largest of the BVIs. Its fascinating shape is said to have reminded Christopher Columbus of a reclining woman. So he named it “Virgin Gorda”, the "Fat Virgin”. Your trip to the BVIs isn’t complete without a visit to the Baths at Virgin Gorda. The Baths, consistently voted as one of the best beaches in the world on TripAdvisor, is considered the most popular natural attraction in the BVIs. Here, huge granite boulders create mysterious grottos, saltwater pools and a connecting trail that captivates visitors to spend a day exploring, swimming, and snorkeling. Virgin Gorda also has a couple of deserted pristine beaches where you can enjoy the absolute serenity and privacy that this destination has to offer. Be sure to explore Virgin Gorda through its rugged trails that run throughout the island, and behold the huge variety of unique indigenous plants that thrive in the national parks at Spring Bay, Gorda Peak, North Sound and the Devil's Bay. The nature sanctuary at Little Fort National Park is abundant with marvels of the exotic birds as they swoop over the hills and ocean.
It’s no surprise at all that Virgin Gorda has continued to enjoy visits and attention for centuries. At Little Fort National Park, discover the island's rich African and Indian heritage that dates back to its Spanish history at the ruins. Here, you’d also have the opportunity to observe to the details, the British influence in the Spanish Town, and the Cornish Copper Mines on the island's southwestern tip, where ruins overlook the azure sea.
While at Virgin Gorda, be sure to experience the island's superb cuisine, a fantastic blend of all its inspirations; and explore the variety of shops offering local arts and crafts, as well as gifts, resort wear and souvenirs. Virgin Gorda can also be experienced on a day trip.
Renowned for its fascinating white sand beaches, stunning beach shacks, and the huge Horseshoe reef that surrounds its pristine shores, Anegada isn’t a place you should skip during your luxury yacht charter vacation to the BVIs. This stunning island is all about absolute relaxation in its coral beach paradise. It is situated northeast of Tortola in a vast coral reef; only 1 or 2 hours sail from Virgin Gorda with a steady easterly wind. There are a number of beautiful beaches where you can comfortably cool off on this charming Island. Some of these include the Cow Wreck Beach, Flash of Beauty, Bones Bight and Windlass Bight; relaxation under the shade of any of the coconut palm or seagrape trees is cozy. The sheltered, powdery white-sand beaches are protected by the sheltering reef and the points that sweep out from the shore: the Nutmeg Point, Setting Point and Pomato Point. Anegada is perfect place to chill out and spend one’s time on one of the island's fascinating but relatively isolated north shore beaches.
Anegada is a beautiful 15 sq. miles coral island, and the second largest in the BVIs Archipelago. It is also distinct in the sense that it is the only inhabited island of the BVIs which is not volcanic. Rather, it is formed by corals and limestone, and protected by one of the largest reefs in the world. Another unique feature about Anegada is that the topography is uniquely ‘flat’ in comparison to other islands in the category which are mountainous. Interestingly, Anegada’s highest point is only about 28 Ft. above sea level; little wonder the Spanish named it Anegada, the "Drowned Land."
You can easily tour the entire Island in a day by taking a ride with one of the friendly taxi drivers who would gladly take you around from bar to beach at your leisure. Your luxury yacht vacation cruise to Anegada may also present you an opportunity to see the elegant Roseate Flamingos in their natural habitat. Ever since they were reintroduced to the island in 1992, they have been successfully breeding there. Anegada’s huge salt flats are known to be ideal for the Flamingos Brine shrimp’s diet, which is what gives them their characteristic pink coloring.
If you're mooring at Anegada, it is recommended that you take the short taxi/bus ride to Loblolly Bay for snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. On your way, you're likely to see these Flamingoes (be sure to tell you driver that you’d like to see them). Loblolly has a small hotel with bungalows, a bar/restaurant, gift shop and shaded benches on its pristine white sandy beach. Everything is painted blue! You can also snorkel around the beautiful reefs, relax on the beach, and have a pina colada at the bar.
In addition to the fantastic cocktails aboard your luxury yacht, you may decide to go ashore to have a feel of the famous Anegada local dishes. This island is known for, and takes pride in their reputation for excellently made lobsters. Treat yourself to the freshly caught lobsters which are roasted by the talented cooks on the island every night for their visitors to enjoy; an experience that would cap off a perfect day visiting Anegada from your luxury yacht. 
Some of the other charming islands that make up the BVIs are Great Camanoe, Fallen Jerusalem, Ginger Island, Round Rock, Buck Island, and Scrub Island; a number of which are uninhabited, and have been designated as national parks. 
At BVIs, there just never seem to be an end to how much fun, relaxation, privacy and comfort you can enjoy during your yacht charter vacation.