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Everything was done to our satisfactin. Would very much recommend this !!!! Captan and the crew were perfect. Great trip

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We were very happy with the quality of the yacht and with the service of mr Spiros and his team. Many thanks

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Yacht Charter in Dominica

Dominica is an ideal destination for beach and nature lovers; making it a choice place for you to spend your yacht charter vacation. It boasts of several flawless and majestic beach resorts with over 30 sites off the Dominica coast that are great for snorkeling and scuba diving. Yacht charterers also treat themselves to the stunning sights of whale watching and dolphin watching during their holiday vacation on this blissful Dominica Island.
This charming island is a lovely vegetation-rich island that was discovered by the Spanish; predominately colonised by the French at a time; Great Britain later took it over in 1763 after the seven long Years of War; English was then gradually established as its official language. The island republic gained independence in 1978.
Sometimes referred to by seasoned sailors and tourists as “Caribbean’s nature island”, Dominica prides in a topography that is characteristically volcanic in origin. The island is speckled with volcanic peaks, having slopes that are covered with evergreen vegetation. This stunning island is as close as you can get to its wildest region; a wonderland for canyoners, mountain and rock climbers, hikers, nature lovers and tourists. It is most certainly, a perfect destination for a fun-filled yacht charter vacation. Dominica is every bit the perfect destination for scuba divers and rock climbers and those who just want to experience and enjoy a broad range of outdoor activities and adventures that the Island abundantly offers.
This attractive Island is located in the Central region of the Eastern Caribbean and is in close proximity to Guadeloupe to the northern, and Martinique on the southern. Dominica’s yacht charter destination is officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica; an official name used to distinguish it from the Dominican Republic. The Carib Indians refer to this fascinating beauty as Waitukubuli. The literal meaning of this Carib term is “tall is her body.” The region of Dominica is not very densely populated with just over 70,000 permanent residents, most of which live in Roseau, Dominica’s  capital.
Dominica is a treasure conglomeration of nature’s wonders, with about two thirds of its territory covered by dense forest; having over 1,500 plant and animal species.You’ve got a lot to learn about nature and its amazing diversities during your vacation to this Nature’s paradise. The island is speckled with magnificent waterfall, streams, lakes and rivers. It also prides itself in its Morne Trois Pitons National Park, the first and only natural park in eastern Caribbean declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Dominica is one of the remaining two islands in the region that is populated by Carib Indians.
One of the largest and the most charming lakes in Dominica is the Boling Lake; which abounds with rock deposits and other volcanic fragments form past volcanic activities. A visit to this lake is always a memorable one.
Among the leading destinations in the Caribbean, Dominica tops the chart when it comes to ecotourism. Yacht charterers and tourists are usually treated with a wide range of natural wonders; both on land and sea. Dominca is a great place to visit for its rich cultural heritage, and fascinating natural environment; with several entaintaining activities and events that makes you want to relive every moment spent at this beautiful island.