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Lagoon Cat400

Everything was done to our satisfactin. Would very much recommend this !!!! Captan and the crew were perfect. Great trip

Lagoon Cat 400
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Sunreef Yachts62 (Z)

Nice experience, good crew, excellent food and cooking, very friendly and willing. High knowledge of the Ibiza area and mooring spots.

Sunreef Yachts 62 (Z)
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Yacht Charter in Guadeloupe

“Truly the French West Indies” as popularly referred to, the Guadeloupean Islands are generally said to have been ‘blessed by the gods’. The prevailing Caribbean trade winds would provide you with an exciting sailing experience. There’s so much to look forward to during your yacht charter vacation in Guadeloupe; ranging from snorkeling and scuba diving, to the aroma and taste of fresh croissants and pastries of West Indian cooking in restaurants and charming bistros. You certainly have made one of the best decisions of your life, sailing in this direction.
Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, this charming butterfly-shaped island is now a French overseas departement. The two halves of Guadeloupe, Grand Terre (east) and Basse Terre (west) are separated by a narrow sea channel, "La Riviere Salee". The island is covered in tropical forests, cleared in places for banana, pineapple and sugar plantations. 
Whether your preference is sea or island exploration during your yacht charter vacation, you've got a wide range of exciting options to make this a reality. Guadeloupe boasts of numerous harbours and private anchorages all around the coast. You’ll find stunning bays on the islands to the south, all within 3 hours sail away; Marie Galante, Petite Terre, La Desirade and Les Saintes. The snorkelling and diving at Guadeloupe is excellent. 
Yachting has been an age-long favorite sport in Guadeloupe and has continued to become increasingly popular every season. Being home to the islands three largest marinas, and accessible to various boats, Guadeloupe would readily receive its guests and tourists on arrival. So you’re in for a warm and friendly reception. Situated only ten minutes from the airport and an ultramodern hotel facility, Marina Bas du Fort, one of the largest islands, receives all types of boats up to 130 ft. in length.
Be sure to be fully kitted and prepared to savor all the fun you possibly can during your yacht charter vacation to this island. Some of the luxury features to enjoy include VHF (most channels), weather service, sanitary facilities, fuel, water, electricity and ice, travel lift, slipway, ship chandlers, maintenance area, supermarkets, bars and restaurants amongst several others. Yacht vacation at Guadeloupe feels like being home away from home.
More so, your dancing shoes aren’t items you want to leave behind on your visit to Guadeloupe. The island is festival-active. The locals participate in lots of festivities with dance and music. There’s just so much fun and entertainment to keep you relaxed in comfortable luxury.
All these fascinating beauties coupled with the French touches and friendly inhabitants makes your Guadeloupe adventure indeed the trip of a lifetime!