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Overall a wonderful experience, and great memories. Some feed back, or rather comments on the booking and charter below. Booking was brilliant, outstanding service. On the day of embarkation a lack of communication appeared. Yachtcharterbook.com instructed us to go to base for boat collection from 12 Noon. The Charter company told us we had to wait as the company usually does not handover boats until 5 pm, there was a lot of wasted time, with purchased supplies in the Sun. The Charter company said we had an Australian Skipper, he turned out to be Russian, and the Charter company had never met him.The language issue was frustrating, and an English speaking skipper more appropriate. As such we had no real advice or recommendations as to where to go, we plotted our own course. The skipper is a great seaman, but had never been to some of our destinations, as such did not know the way around, or sea rules on mooring. We were told by other sailing people there skippers knew a lot, and had many suggestions on what to do, including restaurants, etc. This was not the skippers fault, he was a great man, but rather the booking companies, and we believe the skipper was booked only one week before departure. The boat was clean and tidy; however, the diesel gauge was always on 'full' and the effluent tank always said 75% full, therefore we never really knew how much fuel was left or state of black water capacity. Another small issue was the Anchor could have been bigger, as a couple of nights we moved while 'at Anchor' due to a wind change or increase. Putting these issues aside we will 'Sail Again', most likely with a bigger boat. What a wonderful experience. SL.

Bavaria 32
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We did two weeks East Peloponnese flotilla and it could not be better. Our lead crew Jackie and Georgia were very professional and knowledgeable, and took care of everything and everyone. They made sure that everyone was happy and had perfect flotilla holidays. We always had smooth route planning, best moorings and group dinners.

Jeanneau 57
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Yacht Charter in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

SAINT Vincent and the Grenadines are superb yacht charter destinations located between the tropic of Cancer and the equator. Consisting of 32 islands and cays that stretch south to Union Island, this stunning yacht charter destination offers a variety of exciting and pleasurable experience. They are situated approximately 2600 Km southeast of Miami, and form the Southern-most part of the region also known as the Lesser Antilles which separates the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean, and links South America and Trinidad to Florida and North America.
The Grenadines are also famous as exquisite hilly islands covered in an excellent tropical rain forest. St Vincent is barely 2 hours from Bequia Island, and is a fantastic place to commence your yacht charter vacation. 
Sailing through this magnificent location affords you the unique opportunity to enjoy protected beaches, peaceful marinas and beautiful villages. The sights of the dolphins and flying fish is quite entertaining. There’s just never a dull time in this yacht charter destination.
At St Vincent, treat yourself to some great vacation itineraries and explore the best of the gorgeous islands of Mayreau, Canouan, Mustique and Bequia; the astounding Tobago Cays, and all. The fun just keeps getting better as the days roll by. Some charter services even offer a one-way Grenadines charters which could present you some perfect opportunities to sail the several wonderful islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines within a short period.
The group of islands that constitute Saint Vincent and the Grenadines include Petite Nevis, Mustique, Petite Mustique, Young Island (Grenadines), Mayreau, Bequia, Moonhole Rock, Quatre, Baliceaux, Savan, Canouan, the Tobago Cays, Union Island, Petit Saint Vincent, Palm Island and Mopion. Several of these islands are bird reserves and environmental sites; only a few of them are still inhabited.
Being the largest island in the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines island chain, St Vincent is a perfect place you might want to commence or conclude your luxury yacht charter in the Grenadines. It is the northern most island, and a luxurious volcanic island with a 3,000 foot volcano named Soufriere.  Its windward shoreline is characterized by cliffs and rocky shores. While at St Vincent, you should consider visiting Kingstown, the capital city. It fabulously combines the St Vincent historic colonial past with the cheerful and fun-filled lifestyle of a modern commercial town.
Experience Bequia! A captivating island situated just two hours south of St Vincent. It is a pristine blend of both ancient and the ultramodern life designed to keep you relaxed, and entertained during your visit. Bequia boasts of stunning mountainous views, sandy beaches, beautiful villages, and most interestingly, very warm and friendly people.  It is indeed a unique Island, and a perfect location to spend a honeymoon vacation, or just enjoy the fascinating views of the moon. There are a host of bars and diverse dining experiences to select from around the shore. Your visit to Bequia is sure to make you feel very special.
Mustique is another perfect yachting charter destination you shouldn’t miss. Its climate is constantly warm. The secluded and untouched nature of the island amongst other amazing characteristic feature of the Island has made it an attraction to classy international guests and yacht charters alike.  Mustique is home to both picturesque villages, having brilliantly colored fishing boats lining the shore.
On departure from Mustique, you may decide to head towards Canouan. Canouan is a small island that gracefully blends luxury and style with its natural beauty and charm. Keep track of its growth-trend and get wowed by the possibility of rapid economic and infrastructural growth at Canouan; which used to be one of the less developed islands of the Grenadines but now features luxury resorts, spas and golf clubs in the north of the island 
Visit Mayreau. Just for the records, you should consider having a stop at the smallest inhabited island in the St Vincent and Grenadines chain. The calm atmosphere, privacy and natural beauty makes Mayreau a perfect place to visit while on your luxury yacht charter vacation.
The Union Island popularly referred to as the Tahiti of the Caribbean, is a fantastic yacht charter destination you shouldn’t leave out of your list while at the Grenadines. It is situated about 90 Km southwest of Barbados and is within view of the islands of Carriacou and the mainland of Grenada, which lie directly south. The main town of Clifton offers small boutique shops, bars and restaurants; all in attractive Caribbean colors. So much relaxation and comfort await you on this Island.
You might just as well consider your visit to the Tobago cays as ‘icing the cake’. The Tobago Cays are world renowned. Consisting of five uninhabited islands inside a massive amulet reef with white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, palm trees, and peerless Caribbean land and seascapes. These islands offer unbelievable snorkeling opportunities on brightly colored coral reefs. The pristine white beaches, elegant bays and spectacular diving will impress some pleasurable unforgettable yacht charter memories on your mind. Tobago is indeed remarkable!
Not too far away from Tobago is the little island of Baradel. It is an area specially reserved for turtles to feed.  Experience firsthand, the fun of getting close and swim with these remarkable animals. You may also want to explore the islands ashore and climb to their summits for magnificent views as you watch the almost tame iguanas and land tortoises in their world.
Much fun awaits you at St Vincent and the Grenadines during your yacht charter vacation to this stunning location.