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We have just returned from our first two week sailing holiday and we are so pleased that we chose Yacht charter book. We were first attracted to this company because of the reasonable prices they were offering and also for the positive reviews that the company had already received. We couldn't have made a better choice.
We were very pleased with our spacious and immaculate boat. Migel was a brilliant skipper, he arranged a great itinerary for us with clear instructions for mooring and always there to help and offer encouragement - nothing was too much trouble for him and he went out of his way to ensure that we had a great time sailing.
The choices of moorings was always done to get the best out of our holiday and we enjoyed a good selection, mooring outside tavernas, anchoring near beaches etc. The lunchtime stops were always idyllic.
I can highly recommend Yacht Charter, my family and I had a wonderful two weeks sailing and I hope that we will be able to return again sometime soon.

Hanse Hanse 54
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Overall a wonderful experience, and great memories. Some feed back, or rather comments on the booking and charter below. Booking was brilliant, outstanding service. On the day of embarkation a lack of communication appeared. instructed us to go to base for boat collection from 12 Noon. The Charter company told us we had to wait as the company usually does not handover boats until 5 pm, there was a lot of wasted time, with purchased supplies in the Sun. The Charter company said we had an Australian Skipper, he turned out to be Russian, and the Charter company had never met him.The language issue was frustrating, and an English speaking skipper more appropriate. As such we had no real advice or recommendations as to where to go, we plotted our own course. The skipper is a great seaman, but had never been to some of our destinations, as such did not know the way around, or sea rules on mooring. We were told by other sailing people there skippers knew a lot, and had many suggestions on what to do, including restaurants, etc. This was not the skippers fault, he was a great man, but rather the booking companies, and we believe the skipper was booked only one week before departure. The boat was clean and tidy; however, the diesel gauge was always on 'full' and the effluent tank always said 75% full, therefore we never really knew how much fuel was left or state of black water capacity. Another small issue was the Anchor could have been bigger, as a couple of nights we moved while 'at Anchor' due to a wind change or increase. Putting these issues aside we will 'Sail Again', most likely with a bigger boat. What a wonderful experience. SL.

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Yacht Charter in Turkey

Turkey, the oldest known tourism capital, is indeed a marvelous destination to spend the leisure day’s in. being at the verge of Europe and right next to Asia, turkey has a lot more to offer than just some good time and a newer view. Turkey is a gem when it comes to architecture from the Ottoman Empire. The city has some of the greatest mosques of all times. These mosques were built ages ago and still they stand there with the same zeal with which they were built once. 

Turkish cities are one of the busiest in the world and they see a lot of tourists all around the year. Be it the summer or winters, being on the coast has given turkey a comparatively less harsh climate. The cities are full of the options of getting to shop the best brands in the world in the most exclusive malls of the world. Turkish cuisine has its own unique taste as well. The world famous doner kebab has a

Turkish origin and so have a lot of other cuisines. The foody folks are going to be anything but disappointed when they will get to see the perfect blend of Eurasian cuisines here in Turkey. 

But this does not mean that Turkey has nothing else to offer apart from great cities, impeccable architecture and savoring food. Turkey is blessed with extended a coastline which means a lot of beaches and tourist resorts to hang out at. Because of the great demand of yachting in this region, there are many well established marinas. These marinas are fully equipped to cater for all the various kinds of services that a yacht of any sort might want from a marina. This means, an utter peace of mind from a point of view of being a tourist. One can get their yacht anchored in a marina which is situated every now and then.
Sailing yachts are the oldest and the most well-known yachts of all times. For the folks out there who have some yachting experience, nothing can beat the experience of sailing a yacht in the picturesque scenery of Turkey. The contrast feeling of traveling amongst the vast infinity of the ocean along the limited yet refine cities of turkey on the other side is truly enchanting. Other than this there is always an opportunity to anchor your yacht at a nearby beach and explore the small but developed villages which have studded the coastline of

Yacht charter in Turkey with their presence. Catamarans might be a perfect choice for such kind of a tour which includes many stop overs. Catamaran charter is an absolute necessity if you are looking towards a relatively calm and smooth tour of the Turkish coastline. Thanks to its mono hull as well as dual rudders that the yachting experience has never been smoother than aboard a catamaran.
By now, you should be halfway done with the list of the things that you might need once you are sailing in the cool ocean breeze near one of the Turkish beaches.