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Overall a wonderful experience, and great memories. Some feed back, or rather comments on the booking and charter below. Booking was brilliant, outstanding service. On the day of embarkation a lack of communication appeared. instructed us to go to base for boat collection from 12 Noon. The Charter company told us we had to wait as the company usually does not handover boats until 5 pm, there was a lot of wasted time, with purchased supplies in the Sun. The Charter company said we had an Australian Skipper, he turned out to be Russian, and the Charter company had never met him.The language issue was frustrating, and an English speaking skipper more appropriate. As such we had no real advice or recommendations as to where to go, we plotted our own course. The skipper is a great seaman, but had never been to some of our destinations, as such did not know the way around, or sea rules on mooring. We were told by other sailing people there skippers knew a lot, and had many suggestions on what to do, including restaurants, etc. This was not the skippers fault, he was a great man, but rather the booking companies, and we believe the skipper was booked only one week before departure. The boat was clean and tidy; however, the diesel gauge was always on 'full' and the effluent tank always said 75% full, therefore we never really knew how much fuel was left or state of black water capacity. Another small issue was the Anchor could have been bigger, as a couple of nights we moved while 'at Anchor' due to a wind change or increase. Putting these issues aside we will 'Sail Again', most likely with a bigger boat. What a wonderful experience. SL.

Bavaria 32
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JeanneauPrestige 440 Sport

We booked yacht for the day, and sailed across Mallorca with our family and friends. This is my second time with Yachtcharterbook and we all had a great day. Our crew helped make the day special. They was really helpful and friendly. We stopped at a gorgeous beach, and enjoyed a delicious spanish meal in a restaurant. Lots of time to swim, walk, snooze and also to have some fun on the standup paddle boards. Sailing back to port was really relaxing - most of us were on the front deck, taking in the view with a refreshing cold beer. Looking forward to our next trip with yacht charter in Mallorca.
We had a real mix of ages in our group - grandparents in their 70's, and little kids aged 3, 4 and 7.

Jeanneau Prestige 440 Sport
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Yacht Charter in United States

Being a luxury yacht charter area with vast destination options, the USA offers an unconceivable variety of yacht charter opportunities. The east coast ranges from the luxury of Miami and Ft Lauderdale, the rugged coast of Maine, to the fascinating ports of Cape Cod, Martha`s Vineyard, Newport, RI, and the extraordinary Chesapeake Bay. The west coast offers stellar sailing in the stunning settings of Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego. On your yacht charter vacation in the USA, you’d have the opportunity to charter any boat imaginable; from the classic America`s Cup winning yachts, sailing yachts, Super Yachts, event boats, to the sport fishing or the day motorboat charters.
In the Northern American cruising waters, most of the yacht charter services run more elaborately at summer, especially during the period of May to October when summer warms the ocean breeze. In South, it runs from January to September; perfect times to experience the glamour of yacht charter vacation in these regions.
Considering USA’s vast diversity, varied identity and character, it is no surprise at all that there are as many choices or options for luxury yacht charter vacation and destination as the residents of the States. Visit the New England’s stunning sail boat territory with fascinating sailing centers such as Mystic and Newport, home to the numerous sailboat yacht charter companies within the region. You may decide to begin your yacht charter vacation in Newport, RI, known for the renowned sailing yachts of the America's cup, New England’s luxury sailboats or the motor super yachts.
Another great location is Florida. It is popularly called the king of yacht charter vacations, and does have some of the largest gatherings of bareboat charter worldwide; particularly around Miami and Forte Fort Lauderdale. This water-synonymous state boasts of two coastal boarders in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. It is also home to about 30,000 lakes. While at Florida, treat yourself to the stunning views of the intercostal highways along its numerous isolated inlet beaches, superb marina facilities, seaside towns and great anchorages, for several miles. Indeed, Florida’s yacht charters are situated in an attractive location, and serve as  doorway to an avalanche of fun, relaxation and pleasure.
These America’s Caribbean Islands are fantastic yacht charter locations. Key Largo and Key West, Florida’s Keys, are some of the stunning yacht charter locations you should look forward to during your yacht charter vacation in the USA. 
Another equally fascinating location to visit during your vacation is the Bahamas. Bahamas is abundant with over 700 islands, and myriads of cays rimed by one of the world's great barrier reefs system that protects the reef-and-key sheltered waters. Thus providing 100 miles of comfortable cruising in the somewhat shallow safety of the Sea of Abaco. Beginning with the Bimini, the Bahamian island chain is only 45 miles from Miami, and stretches about 500 miles southwest; all the way to the Turks. The Bahamas is one charming yacht charter location you can look forward to having all the fun, relaxation and privacy a luxury yacht charter destination offers. It is also a perfect place for both American and European yacht charter vacations.
At Bahamas, you’ve got a wide range of yacht charters to choose from. The main types include crewed yachts, sailboat, corporate charter, skippered, powerboat, catamaran, superyacht and mega yacht charters.
A trip to the USA for a yacht charter vacation is always accompanied by pleasurable experiences. The list of possible luxury yacht charter destinations in the USA is quite inexhaustible. Other equally stunning yacht charter destinations besides the elegant ones already described include the exotic Pacific Northwest and New York yacht charters among several charming others. Please click here for a more detailed list of other exciting locations.