Dual launch for Latitude

Latvian shipbuilder Latitude has made an audacious entry into the superyacht market with two identical 53m trimarans. The two yachts, developed by Latitude’s in-house team, are far from the ordinary with their futuristic design and are the product of an intensive two and a half year construction process.
Since 2006, Latitude yachts has been creating a variety of vessels, including battery powered commuter ferries, floating restaurants and catamarans under 30m. Now the shipyard has taken one step further and boldly entered the superyacht market with two of the largest trimarans ever built. With only 15 yachts over 30m in the fleet, trimarans are not such a common breed and certainly provide an additional dimension to the market.
“The two trimarans are a result of two years and five months of intense, complicated and very interesting work”, said Vladis Irbe, the co-owner of Latitude Yachts. “This was a great challenge for me and I was brave enough to agree to bring this yacht to life. Now that we have launched the super-trimarans, it is a huge source pride for our company, for each member of the Latitude team and for me personally.”
The twin trimarans, now christened Galaxy and Galaxy of Happiness launched on 10th May, were in-house projects, including design and naval architecture. Both of the 53m hulls have been made from a variety of composite materials with the use of the latest technology and patented Sprint Prepreg technology. The fiberglass and carbon were then heated to 90C in order to achieve high quality multilayer lamination with tough mechanical properti3m es and the lowest void contents that could only usually be achieved in the autoclave process.
The trimarans have been built specifically for the Middle East – and will be delivered there following an extensive period of sea trials. Both yachts are equipped with twin engines of 5200 HP and due to the multihull form the yachts are able to exceed 28 knots.
Origin: www.superyachtnews.com, By Georgia Boscawen