- Skipper is a highly qualified ship-master, an equivalent of a captain for smaller craft (yachts, catamarans etc.) that takes full command of the vessel and its subordinate crew. As a recreational boating professional and a suitable itinerary advisor he may also suggest routes that would be most advantageous for your charter.
- If you or any members of the crew have had the appropriate training and gained the necessary skills to handle the assigned vessel category with a certificate to support it (RYA Yachtmaster e.g.) then most likely you would not require the services of a skipper unless explicitly requested.

Otherwise you would have to opt for the services of a skipper. (Additional charter fees may apply.)
- A skipper is selected depending on the vessel type, duration of the trip and the customer's wishes.
- Cost of his services rely on various factors, such as: charter dates, vessel size, location, etc. 150 Euros per day plus food expenses would be the average price in the Mediterranean region. For certain motor yachts and catamarans of considerable size, services of a skipper may be included. (The charter price quoted in search results does not subsume the services of a skipper.)
- Our goal is to leave you with the most pleasurable sailing experience. Rest assured that your request will be put into careful consideration and the necessary actions will be made in an attempt to comply with your wishes. However we must note that availability of a skipper that would match your desired criteria may be subject to change and would solely rely on the number of qualified sailing professionals in a given area.
- Definitely. If you require services of a skipper, a place of dwelling aboard the boat would have to be reserved. Do not worry, for the presence of a skipper would be modest and unobtrusive during your stay aboard the vessel.
- The provision of services agreement suggests that the skipper becomes an additional member of the crew for the duration of your charter. Therefore the planned supply of nourishments must be provided for all crew members including the skipper. (Skipper may not exceed the planned daily rations).
- Skipper is a representative of the tertiary sector. If you are fully satisfied with his services he would be quite happy to accept your gratuity offer.
- In certain cases the security deposit payment can be avoided (please refer to one of our specialists at Chiefly, the security deposit payment is mandatory.
- Services of a skipper are not cheap on the grounds that he is fully responsible for the safety of the vessel and crew aboard. To fulfil his duties he must be attentive to your needs and stay alert at all times, which is no easy feat. Skipper must also be knowledgeable of the sailing area he has been assigned to and be able to adapt to challenging situations and ever-changing weather conditions which requires sufficient level of skill.
- The choice of staff heavily depends on the size of the vessel and your personal preference. If the size of the boat exceeds the length of 20 meters it would be wise to consider her services. Hostess is responsible for and upkeeps the cleanliness of the interior (general cleaning, washing of clothing and linens) and is able to assist the crew with various requests in a polite and friendly manner.
- The services of a cook and hostess may vary. The average price for their services is 120 Euros per day which excludes food expenses. Their work day lasts anywhere from 6 to 12 hours.