Additional questions

- Gulet is a traditionally designed wooden sailing boat, with an antique interior that resembles a quaint hotel on water. It is quite popular for tourist charters.
- Some boat proprietors allow the presence of pets on board for a nominal fee. Having a pet on board may be a cause for concern, however. The unfamiliar environment of the vessel may put a lot of stress on your pet which may become hard to alleviate. Motion sickness and hygiene may also pose certain difficulties.
Not anyone may experience the effects of motion sickness aboard the vessel. If you begin to experience nausea and dizziness, the following tips might help or lessen the severity of its effects:
  • Do not sit facing backwards from the direction of travel. Situate yourself where you will experience the least amount of motion.
  • Do not read while the boat is travelling. Keep your gaze fixed in the horizon.
  • Avoid food consumption in large amounts.
  • Consider over-the-counter medication.
- YachtCharterBook does not offer any of the above-mentioned services. Our business is strictly based around providing the best sailing experiences around the globe.